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Mark is ON FIRE With His Proprietary Sharp Bets System

Don't Miss Out On Specially Selected Trades -- Delivered Every Tuesday.

Week after week, Mark Sebastian is stacking gains in his Sharp Bets program.

Since Aug. 10, Mark's weekly Sharp Bets trades have produced ...

  • +62% on WBA
  • +71% on M
  • ​+50% on IGT
  • ​+75 on AAPL
  • ​+106% on CCJ
Look at it this way, by simply trading along with Mark, subscribers could have banked average gains of nearly 73% -- or $3,005 in cold, hard profit -- in just the past 31 days.

Mark did -- because he uses his real money in these trades.

Place Your B.E.T.S

All Sharp Bets are based on Mark's proprietary B.E.T.S. analysis system, which examines four key trading dimensions to find the trades poised for explosive gains: 
  • Background (The story of the stock -- is the trade compelling?)
  • ​Energy  (Is volatility building, creating the "perfect storm" for traders?)
  • ​Timing (When to trade for maximum gains.)
  • ​Strike (The precise strike to capture as much edge as possible!)
Only when those elements align is the latest pick delivered to Sharp Bets subscribers directly via text and email -- along with a video walkthrough of the trade and phone/email support.

The Time Is Now

Through Monday, you can access a rare discounted QUARTERLY membership to SharpBets ...
You'll receive weekly trades and trade reports via text and email:
And weekly LIVE sessions (or a replay if you can't make it):
Experience the B.E.T.S. system for yourself -- at a great price -- and put Mark's proprietary system to work for you today.
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$499 every 3 months
 Real-Time Email and Text Alerts on Tuesday's Trade (Minimum of one per week!)
 Direct Access to me During Live Video Walk Throughs of Every Trade -I'll show you step-by-step exactly what I'm doing + my trade plan (Valued at $1,499)
 Access To My Proprietary Traffic Light Indicator - Worth the price just for this! (Valued At $1,499)
 Phone/Email Support+Text Alerts
 FYI So far SharpBETS and Volatility Edge have produced $4870 of which AAPL [SharpBets] was $2658. Again Thank you!!"
— JD
You will make your money back very fast with this."
— Michael G
Cant wait to see the next SharpeBets tomorrow. That diagonal on KO was a real winner last week."
— Steve A
**SharpBets quarterly provides three months of trades, and renews each quarter.
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