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A Market Event 3 Years in the Making. It's Time to ...

Turn on the Money Printing Machine

Super-Charge Your Profits With 3 Easy Trades

After more than three years …

Volatility’s biggest trading opportunity is back.

And so is your chance to turn on this Money Printing Machine … if you take two minutes and pay attention to this.

It’s all thanks to an extremely rare (and often-overlooked) resetting of an obscure security that recently unraveled to the point that it wasn’t even worth trading.

Now? …

You could position yourself to DOUBLE your profits in weeks.

How do I know…?

Because I already did that. And it was even BEFORE this epic resetting.

On Tuesday, June 1, at noon EST, I will unveil not one, not two, but THREE -- potential profit-monster trades that I plan to use to capitalize on this epic market shift three years in the making

… all thanks to a hidden change in one exchange traded fund.

These trades -- which won’t be available anywhere else -- are intended to deliver WAVES of returns in the short-, mid- and long-terms

 - One short-term trade to pocket some quick dollars.
 - One medium-term trade -- based on a nearly identical scenario from just months ago that DOUBLED gains in under a month.
 - And one LONG-term trade … that I can put on, forget about, and then come back to in the fall to collect my profits.

And truly… this part is critical.

It could be the difference between profiting on these once in a lifetime opportunities… or missing out on this phenomenon completely.

You likely won’t even know this passed you by…

Until you hear my members talking about their radical results.

You see - this opportunity is only available to members of my Volatility Edge trading program.

Vol Edge is the engine that propels my momentum and volatility trading -- and it’s the tool that has helped me use vol to make MILLIONS of dollars during my career as a trader.

It also continues to deliver results -- including closed top-end gains of 130% and 186% in 2021, just to name a few.

Because of the little-regarded reset I mentioned that is firing up the Money Printing Machine, I’m taking the opportunity to reintroduce the quarterly version of Vol Edge on the fly …

And that could mean game-changing gains for you.

With this three-month Vol Edge membership, you’ll get floor access to all of my vol picks and plays for 90 days -- PLUS the live session and trifecta of explosive trades that I’ll reveal on Tuesday, June 1.

In fact, there’s an entire package of incredible benefits and bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else:

Vol Edge Subscription Details:

  • 90-day full access to my Volatility Edge trading program and trades (at least one per week).
  • A LIVE session with me every Monday at noon ET (Time crunch? You’ll get a recording if you miss it.)
  • Access to my proprietary Option Pit VIX Light -- a tool that has helped me make MILLIONS of dollars as a trader.
  • ​My exact trade entries and exits texted and emailed directly to you
  • ​Option Pit’s premier volatility courses -- the VIX Primer and Volatility Primer
  • ​BONUS 1: Access to the Money Machine special session on Tuesday.
  • ​BONUS 2: Access to the Option Pit Volatility Trading Club
Why Now?

So what’s the trigger action -- the catalyst -- for this exceedingly rare opportunity?

On Wednesday, May 26, we saw a 10:1 reverse split in the UVXY ETF.

And this reset meant that UVXY opened Wednesday around the $40 mark -- up from just $4 on Tuesday… OVERNIGHT!

Now that UVXY is going to have real value again (that will rapidly decay) …

I can start to trade options on it!

And the three trades I’m eyeing stand to make a fortune.

One in just a few days… another in a few weeks… and the final one will be a “set it and forget it” trade.

All while:
 - Limiting my downside risk
 - Maximizing my potential upside with expert contract selection
 - Taking advantage of the largest shift in Volatility Markets in three years - and I seriously mean that

The great news for you is that I’ve developed a strategy that not only allows for BIGGER PROFITS -- but also LIMITS RISK.

And I’ll apply it to the trio of trades that I’ll reveal EXCLUSIVELY during my live event on Tuesday.

Remember, these plays have the potential to rake in gains in the coming days, weeks AND months.

The Money Printing Machine is ready ...

But you can only turn it on by signing up for Volatility Edge now and attending my LIVE event on Tuesday!

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 Access to my Proprietary Volatility Edge       System(at least one per week). (Retail $1,666)
 Daily Access to my Volatility Traffic Light (Retail   $833)
 Trade Alerts Via Email + Text Message
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 Option Pit’s premier volatility courses -- the VIX Primer and Volatility Primer (Retail $297)
 BONUS : Access to the Money Machine special session on Tuesday.
 (Retail $297 -- FREE!)
You will make your money back very fast with this."
— Michael G
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